6 Hardware tools to start YouTube Channel

6 Hardware tools to start YouTube Channel

Tools to start YouTube Channel

Many video entrepreneurs would love to have their own YouTube channel, but most haven’t considered the video equipment required to start a YouTube channel before jumping in feet first. Today, there are so many different types of microphones, video cameras, webcams, sports cameras, etc., how can you tell which is the best? How can you get the best picture quality? How do you make the audio sound great?

Here are the popular tools to start YouTube Channel. You can watch our video for better understanding.


    1. DSLR camera (Best Tools to start YouTube Videos) 

      tools to start youtube channel
      I generally use  Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera for live recording of YouTube Video which is an excellent choice at medium range DSLR  in terms of price. It is the most vital equipment for making YouTube videos which can give better quality to your videos.

    2. Headphones with attached microphones –

      I generally use the Sennheiser PC 3 with Microphones inbuit. Its a mandatory tool to start YouTube channel. It comes with noise cancellation and clear audio capability. Many persons uses the collar mic or standing mic while making the YouTube videos

    3. Tripod Stand-

      tools to start youtube channel photron 560
      Tripod is one of the very handy Tools to start YouTube channel. I generally Photron 560 Tripod Stand to manage the different camera positions while making the YouTube Video . It is a well strengthen product with long life use. With this you can sometimes eliminate extra person’s requirement for camera handling while making still YouTube videos.

    4. Handheld Camera –

      tools to start YouTube Channel
      I am using Sony HDRCX405 9.2MP HD Video Recording Handycam. It is very easy to carry and capture YouTube Video while travelling with Full HD video recording.

      It has various features for capturing YouTube Videos. I always carry when I travel from one place to another.

    5. Smartphone with Quality Camera – (Popular tool to start YouTube channel)

      Apple iPhone 6s tools to start YouTube Channel

      Now a days, the most trending and popular way to capture YouTube Video is using the Smartphone with high resolution camera. I am using a Apple iPhone 6s which gives me a cool picture shots.

      It is very easy to manage and best video equipment for beginner level YouTube Creators. It doesn’t require huge skills to manage and create YouTube videos

    6. Mobile Holding stand- (Optional Tool to start YouTube channel)


      It is helping in managing the smartphone positions. No strict choices for this, you can have lots of options on Amazon or Flipkart online to buy this product.

      In the next post very soon, I am going to share my experiences on 3 Software tools for making YouTube videos and this is going to be very interesting post as it will reveal the ground level reality that how dedicated YouTube creators prepare videos , adding effects, transitions and behaviors to it.

      Hope this list of tools to start YouTube videos will help you my friends.


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