How to Add new Style Facebook Like Box to your WordPress Website – 2017

How to Add new Style Facebook Like Box to your WordPress Website

Hi Friends, Here I am going to show you that how to Add new Style Facebook Like Box to your WordPress Website.

add new style facebook like box

It is totally a new way to add new style Facebook Like Box where I have used Facebook Page Plugin. This new style new style Facebook Like Box is more catchy and attracting from the previous one where they have used the a simple Like and Share button.

This new style Facebook Like Box can help you in growing the Facebook page at much higher rate than the previous Simple Like box.

Steps on how to Add new style Facebook Like Box:

  1. Visit the URL :  new style Facebook Like Box and there you will see the new style Facebook Like Box which have the default values as below :Add new style facebook like box
  2. Select the values according the Requirement on your Webpage .
  3. After that, click on the GET CODE button at the bottom where you get the auto-generated code on the basis of the selection of values for this new style Facebook Like Box.
    For better understanding, I have also added a demonstration video at the later part of this article.
  4. Now Select the code of Step 2 (image shown below) and paste it in the your header.php file of your WordPress website.

    You can get this file by following below steps:
    a. Go to your WordPress Website Dashboard(Open this in new browser tab)
    b. Click on Appearance -> then click Editor
    c. On the right Side, click on Header from the list of all the Files
    d. After pasting the code, click on Update File at the bottom
  5. Now copy the code of Step 3 from Facebook Developers Page that we already opened in another Tab. Paste that code in Sidebar by adding a new text widget in your WordPress website.
  6. Finally click on Save and Publish in your editable WordPress Website.Now you’ll see that a new style Facebook Like Box is added in your sidebar which is very catchy and attractive.

Here is the video explaining how to Add new Style Facebook Like Box to your WordPress Website:

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