How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress Website (Using Simple Text Widget)

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress Website

how to add youtube subscribe button in wordpress website

One of the easiest way to grow your social media followers is by placing the Subscribe Button on your blog. If you have a decent number of audience and viewers, subscribe buttons for different social networking sites, will make it easier for your audience to follow you. We’ll describe you in this article that how to add YouTube Subscribe Button

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress Website


YouTube is one of the most popular audio visual platform, and for any content marketer, there has to be at least one channel in today’s era.

If any person publishes at least one video per week on YouTube channel, then they can see a significant growth in number of followers due to updates on website, and also due to YouTube subscribe button.

Features and steps to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress Website:

YouTube released new buttons for channel subscription, and surprisingly this time they also rolled out subscription button for paid channels too. For better understanding we have added a video below. Else you can also prefer reading the article:



This new YouTube channel subscription button can be grabbed from Google Developers Page, and it has few customization options. You can hide or show the Subscribers count with Subscribe button.

The best part about new YouTube subscribe button is, your readers can directly subscribe to your YouTube page, without leaving your website. The only condition to subscribe without leaving is they must be logged in Google Account.

You can create your YouTube follow button by using your YouTube channel name or channel ID. You can get YouTube subscribe button  from here:  YouTube Subscribe Button

Code will be automatically generated  once you enter your channel name or ID, all you need to do is place it in a text widget of your Website or Blog sidebar. Here is an example of how new YouTube buttons will look like:

How to Add YouTube Subscribe button on Website

Hope you got the solution on how to add YouTube Subscribe Button on your Website or Blog. You can also consider reading  6 Hardware tools to Start YouTube Channel.

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