What is Advertiser Friendly Content on YouTube ? New YouTube Content Guidelines

Advertiser Friendly Content on YouTube | New YouTube Content Guidelines


Advertiser Friendly Content


Today I will discuss about the Content that is not eligible for showing Ads on YouTube and that may affect your YouTube Earnings at high scale.

Any Youtuber who has started YouTube Channel and continuously publishing videos on YouTube should be aware about these new Guidelines announced by YouTube.

This time YouTube has clearly described that what is Advertiser Friendly Content and what kind of video content is not eligible for Advertisement on Youtube. If any portion of your video or video metadata, including the title, thumbnail or tags contains unfriendly content, then the video may not be eligible for advertising. So Let’s see this.

  1. Controversial issues and sensitive events

    Videos that focuses on sensitive topics such as war, political conflicts, terrorism or death and tragedies, are generally not eligible for ads. It doesn’t matter whether the video contains the related image or footage or not, even if video is just describing such sensitive topics in any way Communication mode, then these video may not be eligible for Advertisement on YouTube.
    For example, videos about recent tragedies are presented for news or documentary purposes, then it may not be eligible for advertising.

  2. Drugs and dangerous products or substances

    Video content that promotes sale, use, or abuse of, illegal drugs, regulated drugs other dangerous products is not eligible for advertising. Videos are generally eligible for advertising, which are discussing about drugs or dangerous substances for Educational or artistic purposes.

  3. Harmful or dangerous acts

    Video content that promotes harmful or dangerous acts that result in serious physical, emotional, or psychological injury is not eligible for advertising. Some examples are such videos that includes painful surgical or cosmetic procedures, or any kind of pranks involving sexual harassment or humiliation.
    Advertiser Friendly Content

  4. Hateful content

    Such Videos are not eligible for advertising that promotes discrimination or humiliates an individual or group of people on the basis of the individual’s or group’s race, origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination. Content that is satire or comedy may be eligible. however, simply stating your comedic intent is not sufficient and that content may still not be eligible for advertising.

  5. Inappropriate language

    Video content that contains frequent uses of strong profanity or vulgarity throughout the video may not be eligible for advertising. If it is used occasionally that it may be eligible but, in what context it is said, that matters. So please take care of this.

  6. Incendiary and demeaning

    Video content that shames or insults an individual or group may not be eligible for advertising.

    Advertiser Friendly Content

  7. Violence

    Video content that focuses is on blood, violence, or injury, when presented without additional context, then it may not be eligible for advertising. Violence in the normal course of video gameplay is generally acceptable for advertising, but in other cases, it may not be eligible. If you’re showing violent content in a news, educational, artistic, or documentary context, that additional context is important that from where it is referred and what message is being sent to views with such kind of videos.

    So you need to take care that your YouTube videos should not contain such content. Otherwise you may not see the Ads on YouTube videos which may your YouTube earnings at high scale. To get the benefit of Revenues generated from Advertisement on YouTube, we all need to remember these new and well described Advertiser Friendly Content guidelines by YouTube.


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