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Hi friends, if you’re planning to create your own WordPress Blog Website then you are on the right page to know good reasons for creating your own blog website i.e benefits of blogging.

At the end of this article, you will be ready to create your own and the very first blog with clear vision. So let us first discuss some aspects related to blog writing.

Many important questions arises related to blog writing that why you want to do blogging, from where you got the idea, what the blog is all about, what are the benefits of blog writing and many more.You should have the answer for all these questions before starting it. Biggest reason of quitting from anything is lack of knowledge and vision. My first suggestion is to have more n more knowledge of whatever you want to pursue. You can do blogging for many valuable reasons:

1. Blogging will give you better opportunities to think,  rethink and grow your mind. It provides the effective utilization of brains.

2. It improves your vocabulary once you go deeper in blog writing and you will see yourself as a better writer in future.

3. Blogging will always keep you updated in your area of interests. You can keep your readers active and updated only if you are updated.

4. Blogging keeps us disciplined and punctual because time management is very crucial especially in initial days when you are growing as a blogger.

5. Bloggers have an extra-ordinary approach in achieving any goal in their life. Blogging simply changes your perception and persona.

6. Through blogging, you can share your own views and experiences on any subject. And you can get immediate feedback.

7. Blogging gives you an opportunity to create virtual human network. All the richest persons are using human network directly or indirectly.

“The richest people in the world build networks.
Everyone else looks for work.”
– Robert Kiyosaki

8. You can collect Emails to utilize in your Existing Business or new one which will help you create and maintain more clients. Email collection can be done by using WordPress Plugins such as Sumome.

9. Blogging helps in creating an online Trust to your visitors or customers which ultimately gives you an unique identity in web world.

10. You can become a great leader in your area of interests. You have the opportunity to showcase your expert advice.

Benefits of Blogging in monetary terms,

11. Through monetizing their website, bloggers generate huge amount of money once they achieve good number of visitors.

12. Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense are the two best ways from which a blogger can earn unbelievable income. You can join any of the affiliate program such as Amazon, FlipKart, Ebay etc.

13. Blogging world is accessible from anywhere. You do not need any physical office to manage your content and earnings.

14. Due to the above reason, you can spend your valuable time with your family and friends.

15. As per my research and experience, Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense are best ways to earn money by hosting your website.

16. You can create and post YouTube videos to your website which will also give you good amount of money, once you attach Google AdSense with your YouTube channel.

Blogging ultimately gives you the power to educate, learn and earn in parallel. I hope above reasons will help you to be ready for creating your first self-hosted blog.

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