How to disable Website Push Notifications in Google Chrome

How to disable Website Push Notifications in Google Chrome


disable Website Push Notifications


This article will help you to disable Website push notifications in Google Chrome. Earlier, whenever a new blog post is posted on Website, people were getting the Email notifications for updates. But now we are directly subscribing to blog updates using browser push notifications.

Since it is a new feature, so few persons might not be knowing the technical keyword (Website Push Notifications), so here is an image that shows how browser Website push notification looks like:


disable Website Push Notifications


Push notifications are new way for readers to stay updated with their favorite blogs.  Since it is easy to subscribe in browser based push notifications, sometimes it shows the negative side of this feature by subscribing too many blog websites using Push notifications.

You may get stuck between too many updates from various websites. If it hasn’t happened to you, it may happen in the upcoming days if you don’t use that browser for a day or two.

To avoid such situations while using internet browser, this article will help you to disable Website push notifications on Chrome browser. You can either disable desktop based push notifications for all the websites or for a selected Website.

Steps to disable the Push notifications:

  1. In Chrome browser, Go to Settings:disable Website Push Notifications
  2. In Settings, click on “Content settings..” button under Privacy Section


disable Website Push Notifications


  1. A new Pop-Up window will open. Scroll down where under Notifications, where you have 4 Options:



  1. Allow all sites to show the notifications
    – If you select this option, then you will get notifications from all the Websites you open in Google Chrome
  2. Ask when a site wants to show notifications (Recommended)
    – If you select this option, then browser will initially ask you for showings notifications just after opening any website. Browser will ask you to select from one of the two options “Allow” or “Block”.
  3. Do not allow any site to show the notifications
    – If you select this option, then none of the Website will show the notifications, neither they will ask you to Allow or Block.
  4. Manage Exceptions
    – If you click on it, you will have the option to Allow or Block notifications for one or more than one Website.

– When you click on Cross (X) sign to remove the domain from the exception list, you will be again prompted to allow or block the notifications, once you visit the site again. If you don’t want to get prompted & don’t want to receive chrome desktop push notifications as well, please select Block option from the Dropdown list for any Domain name.

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