SECOND APPROCAH to Save(earn) money


Second Approach

SECOND APPROCAH to Save(earn) money

Hi Friends, I am going to discuss the 10 ways to save money using SECOND APPROACH.

As I already mentioned in my previous post that is approach is more effective and faster. Initially it demands Time and Money Management from our fixed income, then it becomes the real way to save money. It is further divided into two categories:

  • One is where you just need to invest the money for savings
  • Second one is where you have to invest your time and money both to increase your savings.

In One line- We can increase our income using SECOND APPROACH

Let us talk about first way under this approach:

  1. Open your PPF Account and deposit the amount there which will give Tax relaxation up to 1.5 lac.
  1. Open Fixed deposit account in your bank which will give you interest rate between 7-8%, which may vary from bank to bank
  1. Invest in life insurance policies which will give you tax relaxation and long term money return. Always discuss with you Policy adviser before investing and inquire all terms and conditions.
  1. You may investigate in Mutual funds and share market but after deep research.
  1. Open the recurring deposit(RD)/NSC account in post office which will give interest up to 8.5%.

Now we can talk about second way:


Open your YouTube Channel and add Google Ad-sense account with it. You can find more details on google about it.

  1. Start writing blog using WordPress, blog press etc., which will give you lot of money and big exposure in your life. It enhances your personality and communication also.
  1. You can join many Refer n Earn programs online and offline. It may also give you ample amount of money.
  1. You can learn any musical instruments and join or create a band to perform weekly or monthly.
  1. Start giving tuition/Coaching classes related to any subjects (most popular is Computer) in free time which will increase your income.

All these steps may help you to go high in monetary terms with your fixed income. There may be more ways which you can share with me.

Thanks for your attention!!


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