Best 30 ways to Save Money in our Day-To-Day life

Best 30 ways to Save Money in our Day-To-Day life

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Hi friends, today I am going to tell you the Best 30 ways to save money in our Day-To-Day life. Basically savings can be done in two terms:

  • Save the money from your income
  • Increase your income by earning in free time (another form of saving)

First way is the slower process where we can save some amount from our fixed income. Second way demands Time Investment and Money Management from our fixed income.

First Approach:

Let us talk about the first approach under ways to Save Money In this approach, first way is to stop all the luxury expenditures such as:

  • Movies in luxury theatres
  • Wardrobe shopping from malls
  • Dinner and buffets in luxury restaurants. 
  • Stop ordering food from Mc Donald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominos.
  • Uninstall Online order Apps (except clothing apps)  like FoodPanda, Zomato, Bookmyshow etc.

1. Start travelling from Public Vehicle, like buses or metro or public autos instead of Cabs or Personal Car. You can use bike as it costs less than even an Auto.

2. Reduce the Wi-Fi or mobile data limit. If your expense of Internet goes 500-1000 or more than that, please prefer only Wi-Fi as it will give you 2-4 times more data than mobile.

3. Use the low data Usage Applications for Facebook and other regularly used applications.

4. Take furniture design from Internet/Showrooms and order to develop similar furniture to your Hometown shop to avoid extra costing. You will also have the option to bargain to get your amount reduced

5. Always buy few things online like Electronic devices (Such as Memory Cards, Trimmers, earphones, Mobile phones etc.) and Women (Sarees, Suits, western wear etc.| Avoid buying clothes from bigger brands)

6. This will save your transportation charges and online buying will cost you less in many articles.

7. Always use Coupon codes if you are ordering anything online (may be you need to use referral policy or new Email ID).

8. Stop buying clothes regularly/monthly/quarterly/half yearly from anywhere. Buy clothes in more than six months.

9. If you want to buy clothes from malls, please wait for season end sale or days based sale.

10.Collect the receipt of everything you buy and keep it till end of month (while making final records).ways to save money11. Maintain the records of expenses weekly and take out the final figure at every end of week.

12. Save your change/lose money in a separate saving box.

13. Start taking fruits instead of Juice. This will help in grasping more nutrients in lesser amount and save good amount of money on monthly basis.

14. Maintain your kitchen well enough with lots of ingredients and Prepare food at home instead of eating outside (Find Recipes online). This is will make huge difference in your monthly savings.

15. Wash and Iron your clothes by yourself instead of giving in laundry.

There are many more ways to save money. Lets look forward:

16. Avoid Drugs, alcohol and smoking to make huge savings in terms of money and health, in coming years. As per one calculation, person can save up to 50 lacs in 40 years.

17. Use CNG vehicle if possible as it costs much lesser than Petrol and diesel based vehicles.

18. Do early reservations in train to avoid travelling in bus at last moment. Use sleeper class instead of AC class if you can.

19. Always negotiate/bargain where MRP is not printed on the article.

20. If you are in job, know all the Policies/facilities that is being given to you and take benefits from there only instead of reaching outside.ways to save money21. Take food items from open container (without packaging and labelling) in any grocery store instead of packed items, if possible. This will reduce much cost.

22. Always switch off the unnecessary lights in home. This will restrict your electricity bill to a lesser amount.

23. Avoid using cosmetic items from regular use. This will contribute well enough in savings.

24. Use Internet for Study material rather than joining Computer Coaching centers. You can find all the videos and PDF Documents to study well. Coaching centers are mostly helpful in maintaining the discipline.

25. Use CamScanner application in your mobile phone to scan rather than reaching to Cyber cafe. So you will pay only for printing, not for scanning.

26. Use Internet Banking and ATM machine for banking transactions, to avoid trips to the Bank. As a result,  you can save your transportation charges and time also.

27. Use pedestrian if your destination is up to 500 meters. Avoid using your any personal vehicle if you not carrying any heavy luggage.

28. Avoid keeping credit cards or more than one debit cards. Same thing you can apply in Mobile phone (Use single SIM).

29. Avoid buying snacks and soft drinks like chips, cold drinks etc.

30. Always carry water bottle from home and use water taps in malls and other public places instead of buying water bottle.


By practicing above ways to save money in your day-to-day life, you can save good amount of money which can contribute in your financial desires.

Click here to see the ways to save money via SECOND APPROACH which are more effective and faster. Please Share with your friends if you find it useful.



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