What is CPC and PPC in Google Ad-Sense Earnings Reports ?

What is CPC and PPC in Google Ad-Sense Earnings Reports ? Use of CPC and PPC in Online Advertisement



Today I will discuss about the two more Key elements of Earnings from Google Ad-Sense, which we can see on Google Ad-Sense Reports or in YouTube Analytics Reports. I have added a video later in this article for better understanding.

This article is for both kind of people:

One, which are Running their YouTube Channels. Secondly for those, who are running a Website.

It is very important to know about these key elements to understand the actual Earnings from Online Ads that are being shown on YouTube or Website and Blogs. And these elements are CPC and PPC.

While reading this article, your need to know three kind of people which are playing important roles in Online Advertisement.

  • Publisher – One who publishes the Ads on your channel or Website. You can consider any Big Publisher into your mind, Like YouTube, Google or any other.
  • Advertiser – who contacts to the Publisher to publish Ads given by the Advertisers.
  • YouTube Channel creator or Website Owner where the Ads are placed for advertiser, with the help of Publisher.

Do read this article till the end otherwise you might not understand these most important elements perfectly.

  1. CPC (Cost Per Click):

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It is the amount that Youtuber or Blogger earn, each time a user clicks on the Ad.

CPC for any ad is determined by the advertiser, some advertisers may be willing to pay more for clicks, than others. It depends on what they are advertising.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose the CPC defined is 0.05$ which means, every time authenticated user clicks the ad, 0.05$ will be added to your Total earnings. In this way, based on CPC, your earnings for 1000 clicks will be 5$.

Do not miss the video on CTR and its relation to Invalid Activity later in this video due to which your Google Ad-Sense account may get suspended.

  1. PPC (Pay Per Click):

Let’s move to PPC which stands for Pay Per Click. It is a model in which an Advertiser pay to the Ads Publisher, for each time their Ad is clicked by any user. It is basically a kind of paid advertisement initiated by the Advertiser for any product or service.

In this way, you can also sign in to Google Ad-Words Account and start a campaign, if you want your website at the top in search Results.

Similarly, if you want to increase the traffic for your YouTube channel, you can start an Ad-Campaign on YouTube also for the advertisement of your channel or for any product or service launched.

So here I have added a video later in this article for better understanding:



In the next article, I’ll discuss about CTR and how it is related to Invalid Activity in Google Ad Sense.

Thanks for reading this article.


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